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Blooming Remote control type

Even Cleaner and Convenient by a remote control.
Design a refreshing day with a full-featured premium remote control bidet.

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블루밍 홈스파 비데
블루밍 방수 비데

Blooming Side control type

The economical standard bidet line-up with excellent quality
Continuous warm water bathing comforts your day.

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Blooming Integrated type

A perfect addition to the complete design of every bathroom
High-class Integrated bidet by cutting-edge technology

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블루밍 리모컨 비데
블루밍 스페셜 비데

Blooming Sterilization type

Cleanliness beyond the imagination by e-water.
Even cleaner and feels like a new every day.

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Blooming Auto-open type

Comport for everyone, from children to the elderly.
Auto! makes you more convenient

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블루밍 프리미엄 비데