• Q1 What is the benefit of using a bidet?
    The anus contains numerous folds stool remains on the anus, it cannot be wiped with toilet paper and may cause discomfort. Bidet cleans these areas with water to effectively remove foreign substances without using toilet paper.This function is very effective at preventing diseases of the anus. 
Additional functions of the bidet are massaging around the anus before defecation. rhythmic cleaning function to smooth bowel movements, heated toilet seat function to give warmth when sitting on a toilet seat in winter. And there are various other functions, such as deodorizing function that removes bad smells from the bathroom.
  • Q2 How long is the electric cord?
    The 1.4m long cord is located on the right side facing the bidet.
  • Q3 I received Bidet but it is wet.
    Bidets are shipped after 100% full inspections. 
It is safe because the residual water remains during the inspection process.
  • Q4 The water pressure seems lower than that of other products.
    This product is made for the purpose of gentle cleaning, but may feel weaker than other products. Excessive use of water pressure is not recommended as it may damage the anus.
  • Q5 The toilet seat is not warm.
    If you are using the power saving function, the toilet seat temperature is set lower than the existing toilet seat temperature. In winter, when the temperature is low, you can feel the toilet seat is cold if you are using the power saving function
  • Q6 The time for hot water coming out is short
    If you use bidet immediately during the power saving function, the hot water retention period may be short. Please wait 3-4 minutes before using.
  • Q7 What material is the nozzle made of?
    AMS nozzle: Metal coating on plastic injection material containing an antibacterial agent. SUS nozzle: The exposed nozzle is stainless steel, and the nozzle tip is a plastic injection material containing an antibacterial agent.
  • Q8 My water pressure is weak can I install a bidet?
    Blooming Bidet is made to use from 0.7kgf/cm2 to 7.5kgf/cm2. (when using water filter, 1.2~7.5 kgf/cm2) Suppose water pressure is 1kgf/cm2, it means the water pressure leaks out strongly because it cannot be blocked by human force. If your water pressure is this level, you can install and use a bidet.